Saturday, 14 November 2015

You white/black bastard!

I was on assignment in Angola three times when the civil war was still raging. The most dangerous was when I was posted to Huila Province in the south. I was regularly stopped by FAPLA patrols, and even my UNDP Passport didn't save me from interrogation. I am tall, bearded and white - I looked like a South African UNITA-loving mercenary, I couldn't blame the FAPLA soldiers for being suspicious, and I didn't regard it as racist or unfair. Just a sensible precaution.

When a terrorist attack occurs in a major European city and ISIS claims responsibility, it would be understandable if the police stopped anyone of an Arab appearance to check on them. Of course this would produce an outcry of racist discrimination, etc, not only from the Muslim community leaders (what is their agenda, I wonder?) but also from all the civil liberties human rights etc organisations. So, while there is a lot of handwringing going on, and pious vows to “bring the terrorists to justice”, in reality the authorities in our countries do very little, and in many cases probably don't WANT to do very much for fear of being accused of illiberal behaviour.

Political Correctness is paralysing us, and it's time to shout out loud that the Emperor has no Clothes.  

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